Why I am a Liberal

For too long now, conservatives have made liberal a dirty word. Liberals are socialists, heathens, immoral, lazy, and want something for nothing. These things don’t apply to me or any other Liberal I know.

So what is the Conservative plan? Extend Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, because that has worked so well to spur the economy. Deregulate, because we can trust Wall Street and huge corporate banks to do the right thing. Continue to allow corporations to buy our politicians with campaign donations, because they know what’s best for us.

Hell no! We are a government of the people by the people. Do we really want our corporate bosses to vote for us while their paychecks rise and ours declines? Do we really want an America that benefits a few at the cost to many? Is that sustainable? I think we are seeing that it is not.

So what does it mean to me to be a liberal? This hard-working liberal wants equitable government services, pensions protection, health care, education, innovation through research, equal treatment for all. I want a democracy which doesn’t pander to the rich but makes them feel they have an obligation to their workers. I want protection of our basic constitutional rights of individual freedoms, such as gay rights, freedom of choice, freedom of religion. Those are individual choices, not majority rule. I want failed policies abandoned and other avenues explored, such as the “war on drugs.” I want policies on immigration that protect us from abuses of our services, yet are humane to those fleeing an unthinkable life.

I say it is time to repeal Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, because that did not work to spur the economy, and led to greater income inequality. Regulate Wall Street and huge corporate banks, to lessen their ability to collapse our economy, like almost happened in 2008. Rebuild our countries infrastructure, creating jobs. Invest in education, creating jobs. Invest in research, creating jobs, and keeping the US a leader in innovation. Invest in renewable energy to weaken our dependence on foreign oil and protect the exploitation of domestic oil.

I do not want to house and feed the lazy. I do not want to take away your constitutional rights, as I cherish those rights also. I do not want a socialist society. I do want a handle on greed and equitable treatment for all Americans. Does that make me a bad person?


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