Abortion & Personal Freedom

This whole abortion issue is pissing me off. Most pro-choice women hope they never have to consider an abortion, but that should be her choice. I can’t understand why any woman would vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Ryan is opposed to abortion in all cases except to save the life of the mother. So that means not even a rape or incest exception. Romney supports the rape or incest exception some days and other days only an exception for the mother’s life.

So let me get this straight. A woman is the victim of a rape. She has suffered the horrible event and the devastating effects.  On top of this, she discovers she is pregnant. She must prove that she has been raped to someone other than a criminal court before she can terminate the pregnancy. Suppose the process takes too long and it is too late to have an abortion. In 31 states in the US, the victim can be forced to share custody with her rapist.

The implications of making abortion illegal go way beyond not allowing a fertilized EGG or embryo  to become a  person. It’s about having control over those most personal and agonizing decisions in your life. It is the threat of losing personal freedom – one of our most basic and cherished rights as an American.


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