End the Failed Drug War

The failure of the war on drugs is because it is based on ideology, or the way things “should be.” Unfortunately, that is not reality. Far from it. People “shouldn’t” do drugs. No argument there, but they do. Making it illegal only creates criminals who prey on the addicts and terrorize society.

Legalizing marijuana would have a positive effect on our economy. The production and sell would create jobs, not to mention the support industries such as, delivery devices, production equipment, leases for shops, regulatory agencies. Ending the prohibition of alcohol helped ease our country out of the Great Depression and end the violence associated with the industry. Its parallels with the war on drugs are no coincidence.

Changing our policy has the potential to have a positive ripple effect all the way to South America. It could put the violent drug cartels out of business. These are our neighbors. We should be concerned about the 60,000 deaths (since 2006) related to the drug trade in Mexico, instead of complaining because Mexicans are fleeing their country to protect their families. Help make Mexico strong, safe and attractive and the US immigration problem is solved.

After 40 years and a trillion dollars, we continue to lose the war on drugs. It is a war we cannot win. The war we should be fighting is the war against addiction through education and treatment. Facing reality is the answer, and the reality is the war on drugs is a failure.


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