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The majority of the Republican party is clueless, as former Senator Rick Santorum shows. This is the party stripping Americans of their rights. Liberal Americans do not want the government to provide all of our needs. We want our government to protect our rights from the ‘ruling class’, such as Senator Santorum. We are happy to provide for ourselves when we are paid for our productivity and contribution to a companies success, instead of funding homes around the world, and luxury cars and boats for the owners. Owners deserve to make a profit, but not by paying slave wages to its’ employees.

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(CNN) — Former Sen. Rick Santorum delivered a solemn but forceful rallying cry when speaking about the death of a close family member Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

With tears in his eyes, the former presidential candidate talked emotionally about his nephew who passed away Thursday in Pittsburgh from what Santorum described as “a horribly painful disease that almost overnight began ravaging his body.”

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