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Support Marriage Equality -Support Freedom

gay-american-flag-749601Marriage equality as it applies to being an American is a matter of respecting the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. Our founders – remembering the power of religion to oppress, and recognizing the value of individual freedom – made a great effort to guarantee that laws were not passed respecting an establishment of religion or impeding the free exercise of religion. Unfortunately, there are those who either do not understand this effort or do not respect it.

Most opponents of same-gender marriage believe homosexuality and opposite-gender identity are wrong for religious reasons. The Constitution guarantees these Americans the right to live according to those beliefs. Some people believe – and science confirms – homosexuality and opposite-gender identity are a biological reality. The Constitution guarantees these Americans the right to live according to those beliefs. Unfortunately, this group is being denied that right by being denied equal marriage rights.

Vocal supporters of marriage equality – like myself – are often accused of forcing their opinions on those who believe differently. Nobody is forcing opponents of marriage equality to enter into same-gender marriage. Vocal support of marriage equality is a constitutional right, while supporting laws denying marriage equality supports a violation of the US Constitution by forcing the beliefs of some on all.

The serious consequence that opponents don’t understand is that these laws pave the way to forcing everyone to live by the beliefs others, including them. Something our founders understood to be a threat to all of our individual freedoms. All Americans should agree that each individual has the right to one’s own beliefs and the right to live according to those beliefs with equal protections and benefits under the law.

Supporting marriage equality is supporting freedom – yours and mine. As George Washington once said, “As mankind become more liberal they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protection of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality.” At this point, that is not the reality.


Abortion & Personal Freedom

This whole abortion issue is pissing me off. Most pro-choice women hope they never have to consider an abortion, but that should be her choice. I can’t understand why any woman would vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Ryan is opposed to abortion in all cases except to save the life of the mother. So that means not even a rape or incest exception. Romney supports the rape or incest exception some days and other days only an exception for the mother’s life.

So let me get this straight. A woman is the victim of a rape. She has suffered the horrible event and the devastating effects.  On top of this, she discovers she is pregnant. She must prove that she has been raped to someone other than a criminal court before she can terminate the pregnancy. Suppose the process takes too long and it is too late to have an abortion. In 31 states in the US, the victim can be forced to share custody with her rapist.

The implications of making abortion illegal go way beyond not allowing a fertilized EGG or embryo  to become a  person. It’s about having control over those most personal and agonizing decisions in your life. It is the threat of losing personal freedom – one of our most basic and cherished rights as an American.

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